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Where Do We Go From Here? 

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January 15, 202313 min read

This is a famous quote from Dr. Martin Luther King... "Where Do We Go From Here?"

It's a tough question I had to ask myself and, it's also a generally great question every female entrepreneur needs to ask herself right now in 2023. At the time this blog is being published; we are living in day 15 of this new year. Ask yourself this sis, is your business where you want it to be and if not....what have you done differently these past 15 days to make it happen?

I remember years ago, back when I found myself embarrassed and humiliated after filing for my second divorce due to domestic violence, for safety concerns I moved in with my girlfriend and her family to hide from my stalker ex-husband, cancelled guest speaks, avoided in-person meetings, rescheduled all of my on-line events and ultimately decided to pause biz coaching women. And one day, while I out on one of my now infamous 12 mile hikes I was strolling through some social media posts that came across my feed from female entrepreneurs I once was building partnerships and friendships with. As I read their posts which chatted about all of their awesome business growth and client testimonials I asked myself; how did this happen to me (again)?

I saw my past and future all at once...Successful online business women. Confidently facing biz fears. Effortlessly making consistent sales. Authentically happy doing what they love. At peace balancing their home and work lives. Leaning into their God given gifts (skills, talents). Helping others to discover their best version of themselves. Leaving a family legacy of wealth and knowledge. Unashamed living on purpose for Christ.

And all I could think was, crap!

I gotta get back on purpose. It wasn't FOMO (fear of missing out). It was the realization that I wasn't living on purpose as God intended for me to use my skills. I believe if we are blessed to be alive that we are supposed to live out our purpose; whether that's being a friend, a mom, chef, biz coach, etc.

But, I had one major biz fear that was blocking my re-entry as a female biz coach; my lifestyle. Because, I was literally homeless. As a little history, by the time I'd decided to listen to my spiritual biz calling and come back to my purpose as a female entrepreneur biz coach; more than a year had passed, my divorce was final and I was in the process of building a home. And, while I was preparing to move out my rental property; I found snakes 😳 living in the walls and despite all efforts the eradicators could not remove them all....

Needless to say, I was outta there faster than speedy Gonzalez the cartoon character🤣 So, I asked the builder to expedite the process as I moved to a hotel. Then out of no where, the pandemic started and all home building stopped for we didn't know how long. So, instead of staying in a hotel for however long; my unbelievably generous girlfriend of 23+ years welcomed me to live with her family until my home was finished being built (nothing but the Lord!)

OK back to my walk. I made it back to my girlfriends home after my marathon hike, I went to my room and proceeded to have a serious meltdown. I remember chatting (more like crying) with my girlfriend saying to her...

"How did I end up like this again, How can I comeback as an abuse advocate after this, How can I expect struggling female entrepreneurs to follow me when I'm literally homeless"

I remember saying to her...

I can't coach women to become self-confident and financially independent Boss Babes living in your guest room 🤣 I know this is what I'm supposed to be doing, I know I have a skill in this, I know people need this and I know people have paid me for my experience and expertise but, I just don't know how to come back from this. And she did two things that I'll never forget that I lovingly refer to as the tissue moment.

As we were sitting in her living room, she proceeds to play this TV recording she had from 2016. It was a San Antonio Texas Living TV Interview for the launch of my first book, "It's OK to Tell My Story, surviving common law domestic violence" which discusses the relationship between childhood abandonment, abuse, workplace violence, adult relationships and business partnerships.

Then she reminds me how amazing I am, my various accomplishments like receiving a $5M joint venture contract, $5K private clients, $10K private clients, 5K+ Facebook Group of female entrepreneur members I had at that time who felt overwhelmed, confused and alone and how I helped them. Then she reminded me of all the goodness I've brought to the world through charity, how I've helped abuse women, and created a legacy of giving, love and wealth for my son.

It's OK to Tell My Story, Surviving Common Law Domestic Violence

And like clockwork, the tear factory opened...

She did what I now call the famous, "Tissue Move" 🤣 by sliding a box of tissue towards me as she was telling me all of this and gurl let me tell you; I broke down crying with that ugly cry. If your girlfriend doesn't make you cry like that; you need new girlfriends! And somewhere in between the tears; she asked me how am I gonna make things happen. This women is amazing as my top cheerleader and one of my most awesome Rah-Rah Chics (what I lovingly refer to as my non-female entrepreneur girlfriends) that support my biz dreams and journey. These women are awesome and necessary to my biz journey because they are uplifting and motivational but, they lack the female entrepreneur business acumen I need to help me strategically achieve my biz goals. That's when I knew....

I needed a Biz Bestie!

But who would it be. My awesome girlfriend I stayed with recognized what I needed was outside her wheelhouse since she worked in corporate; so she encouraged me to find someone that could help me. Before my crazy situation; I had a wonderful intuitive coach and business coach but, I didn't feel neither were what I needed at that time. I also had formed awesome bonds with bible study crew which was helping me build a stronger relationship with the Lord, but I know that wasn't what I needed to help me with business acumen. And that's when God blessed me with the concept of finding an accountability partner.

Then God Blessed Me with My Biz Bestie

I decided if living on purpose was my goal; I had to take intentional action and needed help telling my biz fear to KICK ROCKS! And I remember how awesome it felt to watch female entrepreneurs go from feeling scattered brained all over the place to feeling confident organized and knew I was the one that guided them to the success they dreamed about. Then, I remembered how women came to me in the past after a book tour or guest speak to tell me that because of my actions and what I said; they had the courage to leave an abusive relationship.

So, I prayed, cried, journaled about the type of person I was looking for, prayed some more and secretly stalked ladies online looking for that right vibe. And in walks Juju Rafii, Founder Empowered Boss Babes. We'd been biz associates for a while, traveling in the same circles, had guest speaks in each others communities and unbeknowest to me; she was secretly stalking me too🤣

Biz Bestie Brunch

At a specific point, we realized that we were indeed becoming Biz Besties...

We were holding each other accountable with achieving tasks, planning goals together, working on our mindsets, investing into each others businesses, sharing each others visions outside of our communities, etc. We show up for each other meeting weekly; even after she moved from Texas to Virginia and back to Texas- we never missed an opportunity to build each other up brainstorming ideas and constructively telling each other whether an idea needed to be pursued or parked.

And a few months after we decided to begin this amazingly blessed biz bestie journey together, nothing but success has followed both her and I. As for my professional brand, I received multiple corporate $12K+ clients, $2K+ private clients, $597 monthly clients, 500+ new Facebook Members and more. In my personal brand, I received clarity with my mindset, improved my anxiety which helped me to come off my anxiety meds related to my abusive second marriage. As well as harnessed my introvert powers to empower female entrepreneurs to become even more self-confident as they face biz fears and sales objections from not only customers, but friends and family.

What We Have is Special!

From there we combined her "Good Juju" and my "Wilder Success" by collaborating on guest speaks and our first ever LIVE in-person goal planning event which launched Dec 2022. To be clear, neither Juju or myself are Boss Babes at this time in our careers because we need the money. We are female entrepreneurs because it's our passion and purpose to help other women experience the level of success we have already achieved. We've take everything we've created between our two uber successful brands Empowered Boss Babes and Impossible to Possible Women and combined them together inside this ULTRA EXCLUSIVE experience to give back to our communities helping bring up other sistas to become successful business women.

Our amazing new monthly members club, what we lovingly refer to as the Biz Bestie Brunch is where we empower women and hold them accountable to achieve their monthly goals; which is exactly what we do for each other. We started in San Antonio Texas, and our next goal planning sesh is Jan 19th in New Braunfels Texas and yes, we plan to visit a different city and restaurant each month.

This is not a networking function, workshop or anything like that. We feel 100% confident in saying, you haven't experienced anything like it. Yes we give you tools similar to other members clubs like masterclasses, planners, etc. But, because this is Juju and I sharing our specific success steps and listening to you about your specific biz fears, your specific goals and giving you the exact resources you want and tailored biz plan you need -we help you succeed with those Big Dreams be it work or life...that's what sets our members club apart from the rest.

We meet every month live in-person and online with female entrepreneurs who are open to learning and implementing our signature 90 Min Success Goal Plan based on successes we've achieved in Mindset, Connection, Business Essentials and Client Attraction so they can get serious about achieving business success, simplify their monthly goals and create successful habits for business and life. And Juju and I show up every week for you inside our private members Facebook Group and private members portal asking our ladies the same tough question I asked myself years ago...

Biz Bestie Brunch

"Where Do You Go From Here?"

And, I'm asking you this same question right now sis...

How do you plan to make the sales you want in 2023?

Do you have a Biz Bestie that helps you plan and ensure your plans are solid?

There's this cool phrase Juju started saying one day last year during one of our goal planning sessions we had at the spa, "It's Wednesday Up in Here"- because yea, we don't do boring conference room meetings to plan successful businesses. This phrase represents our level of success and its' exactly what we want other women to experience as well. It's the ability of being a successful female entrepreneur that makes enough consistent income that she can literally take a Wednesday afternoon to have brunch, mimosas, and get her nails done while planning monthly goals with her Biz Bestie.

If you keep doing the same old; making a new years resolution to change, try it for about 3 weeks and getting're going to stay right there another 15 days from now. If you want to have something different gotta do something different.

Biz Bestie Brunch

We want you to experience that same level of peace, joy, happiness and success that we do.

Literally, being around other successful women that have already overcame the biz fears you're dealing with will inspire you to take intentional action and call the success into your reality. For us Christians we call it, living by faith of speaking and doing things as if they were. For non-Christians, I feel confident enough to call it a confidence mindset shift. This is why we meet in person monthly at a different brunch venue and meet live on Zoom with out of Texas ladies (still with a fabulous brunch sponsored by the House of Crepes, New Braunfels Texas) to get you into the right vibe of living our success an being around other successful women so you can become more successful.

You Can Do This Sis! Try It...

Stay Blessed Beautiful 💞 Gwendolen

PS. Do you want to crush your sales goals this month? Want to put away more for a rainy day? Add more people to your Facebook Group, email list? Bring onboard more team members to help ya as you grow your biz? Find more places to network with people? Want to connect with other businesses so you can collaborate on projects together? I got only one question fo ya...where do you go from here?

One major 2023 move you can do right now: come to the next Biz Bestie Brunch. Hang out with Juju and I for 90 Minutes, enjoy a great meal and a tasty adult beverage. Access pre-recorded Masterclasses on Mindset, Connection, Business Essentials and Client Attraction. Identify your #1 biz fear, goal and get the step-by-step strategies to help you achieve your success faster. We only reserve our live in-person and on-line experiences to 20 women at a time so we can give each woman the attention she wants and needs to strategize her success for these filling fast live events. Grab Your Now + Watch our Full Welcome Video

Watch quick video to learn more about our >> Biz Bestie Brunch

Next Steps to Achieve Wilder Success:

Here is a quick list to empower your girls trip to success to go from Dream Chaser to Achiever faster, request a complimentary (one-time opportunity) video chat with Gwendolen book on her private calendar that she rarely gives access so you can share your biz fears, discuss your goals and receive Gwendolen's #1 strategy which will help you move past your obstacle and achieve your success faster.

And remember you can make the impossible Possible!

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When you hang out with confident, successful, powerhouse women, the Wonder Woman superpowers rub off on you too sis!

Hang with us beautiful and get biz success too.

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