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I love Dobermanns so much I decided to create this membership and community!

The aim of this membership is to bring together Dobermann lovers and owners and to create a community where we can talk about our funny, crazy, (and challenging!) pet Dobermanns, but also where we can learn, ask questions and share information.  

We went on such a journey with our first Dobermann (Cleo) and I learnt so much (things I had never thought about before we got a dog), that I wanted to share as much of my learnings as possible to help other people! We've involved a range of experts to bring you the very best help and tips possible.

As well as learning, I also want The Dobermann Club (TDC) to be a place where we can celebrate our Dobermanns and enjoy all the funny, goofy, crazy things they do! We want to celebrate all Dobermanns here!


Our Journey

So, our journey started when we’d made the decision that we were going to get a dog. We’d done a lot of research, we wanted a larger dog, ideally one that didn’t shed too much (breeds like huskies, Labradors etc were ruled out). We actually came to settle on either a Dobermann or a Vizsla, and in the end decided that a Dobermann would be the breed for us.  

When we got our first Dobermann, Cleo, she was the first dog we’d ever had so we didn’t know anything (yep, baptism of fire going for a Dobermann as a first-time dog, but we never regretted it!). I looked on a well-known pet sale website and there she was, a gorgeous little brown Dobermann puppy!

We went to see her and she was the last puppy left from the litter. She was such a cute, scratty little thing, bounding around all over the floor. We loved her immediately!

 The breeder explained that she’d been the runt of the litter and actually, they didn’t think she would make it, they’d had to keep her longer to wean her, so she was about 13 weeks old at this point (usually puppies can go to their new homes from around 8 weeks old).

We saw the mum and dad dogs there; they were both beautiful animals, so I thought we’d done everything right. I think the dad was meant to have been some European champion so again, thought we were getting a really good dog.  It was a bit of a whirlwind as she was ready to go the next day with her being 13 weeks old, so we rushed to Pets at Home that afternoon, got all the gear; crate, puppy pads, food, toys etc etc and went to collect our furbaby the next day.  

I adored Cleo, she was the most gorgeous, funny, loving puppy. We started going to puppy classes and met our long-term dog trainer (who now trains our second Dobermann, Luna). Meeting Dave was a god send to us. He is really experienced, spends his life working with dogs, dogs homes, kennel club, training assistance dogs… we got lucky!

PS – if you get a Dobermann, consistent training really is a must and do your research on trainers - more on that inside the membership!

Long, long story short, we discovered about 18 months in, that Cleo had a lot of health problems; very bad spondylosis of the spine (stiffened spine which is more common in much older dogs), bones growing where they shouldn't be, arthritis - the vets were shocked! And we were really upset, she was still so young, but we loved Cleo, and she was still bouncing around at that point so we just decided we'd manage her health as we went on.

Things deteriorated over a period of time; Cleo ruptured her cruciate ligament (more on that inside the membership!), she kept getting bacterial infections and became resistant to antibiotics, she had the TPLO operation but then the plate got infected so had to come back out... it was a lot! (And this is the short version!). Sadly Cleo passed away just before her 4th birthday.

However: We learnt so much with Cleo! The importance of insurance, (scans and x rays cost sooo much!), things that can go wrong, info around physio, nutrition, spay incontinence, training and so much more - and that's what inspired me to create this membership. Cleo was the best teacher and the things we learnt (and have added to this membership) will help so many more people with their own Dobermann journeys!


If you have a Dobermann or you’re thinking of getting one (or you just love Dobermanns!), this truly is the place for you!  

Join us if you're considering bringing a Dobermann into your life, already have one, or simply admire these amazing creatures.

The Dobermann Club serves as a central hub for information, questions, and shared experiences – a place where Dobermann owners, new and seasoned, come together.

Cleo's unique journey underscored the importance of factors like insurance, spaying considerations, and dietary nuances. In her memory, armed with newfound knowledge, I'm here, along with our team, to guide you through your Dobermann adventure.

Inside our membership, connect with like-minded Dobermann enthusiasts, gain access to our exclusive Facebook Group, receive a monthly newsletter, and tap into a wealth of tips and guidance from our community.

Whether you're a proud Dobermann owner or contemplating bringing one home, The Dobermann Club is the place for you. Join us today, and let's celebrate the love and uniqueness of this incredible breed together.

See you on the inside!

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